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Mam rants and reviews started its life as a creative outlet for a struggling freelance journalist in the tail end of 2017.

The audience that the blog has gained in that short time has astounded me as the author, and given the whole family of three from 14 to 2 a new lease of life. Professionally I have always written, but never shared about the family, or private life, so the transition to Blogging has been an interesting one. I’ve always had a passion for writing, and micro photography.

In the few short months that have passed, I have worked with Portmeirion, Llechwedd, WHSmiths, Joe Brown, The Body Shop and Tea Plus Drinks. I look forward to see where the next few months will take us on our journey! Maybe I’ll even start thinking about buying a new camera.

Why Should you Work With Me?

I’m passionate and I care about the content I produce. This is my life, and it will continue to be so for the rest of it (hopefully!). I care about my content, and about the brands I work with. My social media covers a wide range of the UK populous, from parents to people with chronic illnesses to readers, writers, and entrepreneurs.

How we can work together

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x Press Trips and Family Stays


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