Why I’ve rejoined Slimming World – and why I’m already sabotaging my success

Why I’ve rejoined Slimming World – and why I’m already sabotaging my success

August 15, 2018 25 By Shan Ellis Williams

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve previously lost an incredible amount of weight with Slimming World. But since November and my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis I’ve completely relaxed, and eaten myself through the pain I was experiencing. I re-joined a few weeks ago, because I know that this plan works. My clothes are tight on me, and the extra weight isn’t helping with my job or my joints. So I swallowed my pride, and anxiety and paid my £4.95. It’s worked for me before in three or four consecutive journeys. I enjoy experimenting with the food and trying new ideas from their recipe books as it is tasty and wholesome and the kids join in with me. There also seems to be a huge following of other people doing Slimming world on the interwebs. So there’s lots of support. BUT I’ve found that for some reason I’m sabotaging my weight loss. Sabotaging myself from getting the best of myself every week. Why?

who do I lose weight

My last jorney

The complex relationship between your brain and food

My comfort has always been found in food. Certain foods remind me of my grandparents, who I spent a lot of time with growing up. Now being the war time generation they always repeated that the food I ate should never be wasted. It was precious, so your plate should be clean. Not only that but there was always bread and butter on the plate afterwards for slopping up your gravy, or food juice, so your plate was literally clean. And then came pudding. It was always adult portions with my nain and taid. Plenty of meat, gravy made with juices, and lots of veg, but usually covered in butter. Old fashioned food at its finest.

I didn’t understand nutrition then. But since it was coming from the people who so obviously loved me, I was trained to eat for comfort, and we all have an emotional tendency to overeat. It’s basically a placebo on a plate. A one stop shop to cure all ills by stuffing your face with a scone. Now I’ve never been one for fast food, some people may have a slight addiction. I’ve always preferred a proper home cooked roast, or home made cakes and sausage rolls because that’s my thing. We all have a different placebo, but nine times out of ten, the food placebo leads to weight gain.

The food placebo sabotaging

Over eating in turn leads to some form of addiction. And it’s a hard addiction to retrain because our body still needs FOOD. Being addicted to nicotine is still AS TOUGH but your body does not need nicotine to survive every day. Although it feels like you’re dying when you give up smokes, you know you will survive. But deep rooted in our brains somewhere is that want for food. Now high calorie, fatty food like fast food and chocolate, sweets cake, they’re bloody brilliant for sating those want receptors in our brain. Giving us a short but nice happy endorphin rush. But our brains get used to it and crave it, just like a smoker craves a cigarette.

I’m yet to find anyone addicted to cucumbers. But if you’re out there let me know.

So, being in pain, I have resorted to old ways and making myself feel better, albeit for a short time with boxes of Thorntons, fresh cream cakes, monster munch and wine. Much, much wine. I like wine. The difference between these things and eating copious amounts of salad is that they make you gain weight quickly. I’m testament to this. I’m wearing my pain at the moment. And once again I really become the first person to crack a joke about it. I am happy with my body. BUT I don’t want my kids to face the torture of bullying like I did at school.

Mr Blobby

Kids used to sing this awful song at me when I was at school. Remember the man in a pink suit with green spots on Noel Edmond’s house party? Well apparently I reminded people of them. I still remember them chanting it from a bus I was on when I was downstairs. I don’t think they knew then, that what they sang did lead to me losing weight. But I didn’t do it by changing my eating habits. I actually ate a healthy diet (I found out years later I had a dodgy thyroid so I’d never be a thin child as it wasn’t diagnosed). It led to me becoming a little bit addicted to using Senokot to flush my body. The pressure of being normal and conforming personified in a man wearing a pink suit with green spots and googly eyes.

Funny thing is I wasn’t even that big. They just made me feel like the hugest person in the world. And I’ve carried that with me to this day. Thanks.

It got so bad I passed out time and time again, and then my mother found my stash of used bottles in the bottom of my sock drawer. She took me to the dietician who told me to have Fybogel instead of one meal (I have to add I later found out this was a placebo) Of course I lost weight. I cut out my tea. I was starving. But I was finally a normal-ish size.

Then came Love

I fell in love, and became complacent again. Gained ten stone in ten years. Enough was enough. I found Slimming World and the rest is history. Slimming World is a great plan where you eat a balanced meal three times a day and concentrate on foods that boost your weigh loss. They call them Speed Foods (because they speed your weight loss) and are predominantly fruit and veg. Free food is secondary, but to be eaten until you reach the point of satisfaction so you’re talking potatoes, meat, and complex carbs like pasta and rice.

I lost 14 stone the first time I joined, but I was scared of eating anything. I didn’t over do my syns (chocolate, alcohol, anything a little naughty). Since then none of my journeys have been as extreme. But this time around. Pain has made me desperate. And here’s where I’m sabotaging myself.

Self Sabotaging
Diets with Rheumatoid arthritis

4 stone after G did wonders for my confidence

I know at 40 years old that if I want to lose weight I can. I also know how to do it. By now all I want to do is set an example for my children and teach my little next generation beans that they can eat tasty foods and be healthy. I monitor my children’s portions. But they know when to stop when they’re full. My son pushes it daily. He enjoys second breakfast like a hobbit and like me he is an emotive eater. He looks for food to comfort his mood.

Because so much of the food on Slimming World is free, I stopped counting Syns, and started treating them like free foods. That then has led to an addiction to all the sugary high calorie foods I’d eliminated. My answer to this on my journey this time is not to extremely cut everything out, but to be kind. Even skinny people have a pack of chocolate from time to time. It’s all about moderating it and not stressing about anything after they’ve been eaten.

I over analyse too much. I’ve had so much to deal with psychologically the past few months, I feel ok about taking it easy on myself. I’ve lost 8 pounds in three weeks. That’s not as fab as I’ve done before. But I’ve taken a healthier approach, slow, steady and my two favourite P words once again Patience and Perseverance.

There is a destination to each journey, but we’re never going to get there if we don’t take the first step.

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