The Body Shop Drops of Youth range : An honest review

The Body Shop Drops of Youth range : An honest review

October 7, 2018 0 By Shan Ellis Williams

I’ve been wanting to review The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth range for quite a while. If you’ve ever read any of my work you’ll know I have a bit of a love affair with The Body Shop products. This range is part of The Body Shop’s premium skin care range, and especially designed to tackle the first signs of aging on the skin. I’ve written this review honestly after seven days of trialling three of the ranges products. Firstly I’ve used the Youth Concentrate (50ml), I added the Bouncy Eye cream and the Youth Serum (160ml).

This range is a best seller at The Body Shop (you can buy from me directly – but read the review first!) andĀ  contains Plant Stem Cells from “Edelweiss from the Italian Alps, Sea Holly & Criste Marine from the Brittany Coast”. Plant stem cells are meant to promote regeneration of your skin leaving it plump, invigorated and refreshed. Well, I mean who doesn’t need a bit of that in their lives? Heck I have a two year old who wakes me up at 5 am, can I drink it?

Joking aside, I really wanted to try the range. Finding a reasonably priced anti aging skin care system that isn’t tested on animals is SO TOUGH!

Drops of youth body shop review

Drops of Youth Range

This range contains a liquid peel, sleep mask, eye concentrate, foam wash, emulsion, day cream, wonderblur and lotion. I’m guessing that the range is designed for someone without too many signs of aging. So being forty something, and not having a definitive skin care routine, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My skin is atypical ‘getting older’ skin. I’ve fine lines under my eyes, pronounced dark circles, and open pores all along my cheeks. Actually the wrinkles are quite a new addition, which I blame on having a baby at 38 and expecting to have the energy of a 28-year-old. Which you don’t at all. So I welcome anything that makes it look and feel rejuvenated.

What I wanted to see what a complete eradicationĀ  of fine lines and basically a reversal of 20 years sun damage, carcinogen damage and dehydration. Did I get it? No, because I was expecting miracles, but the continued use of the products together did yield some great results.

The Results

I’ve taken a number of photographs before and after :

Using youth concentrate twice daily for two days

The Youth Serum boasts that you can see a noticeable difference after the first use. You can. The open pores on my cheeks were slightly smoother and smaller, and the very fine lines around my eyes seemed to disappear. Not completely, but definitely a noticeable difference. The eye plumping creams has done wonders for my dark circles, although I think better sleep and hydration would also work for that area.

In my opinion the most noticeable difference is in the eye area:

Drops of youth the body shop range

My eyes look younger

My skin also seems to look younger and more refined. I can’t wait to try the liquid peel now, apparently it removes all excess old and dead skin cells from the top layer of your face allowing your cleanser, toner and moisturiser to have a deeper lasting effect.

My honest review the Oli of Life range for you later on!

I would give the range a solid 8 out of 10.

Drops of Youth The Body Shop

Seven days of use

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