Tea Plus review : Tea with added Superhero!

Tea Plus review : Tea with added Superhero!

August 20, 2018 15 By Shan Ellis Williams

There is nothing better in my humble opinion than a good cup of tea at the beginning of the day. This is mostly when I’m rubbing out my joints, and trying to take the Rheumatoid Arthritis lethargy out of my body. Or when I come home from a long day at work and want a natter with the kids and to feel soothed and whole again. Tea is a tonic, I’m hardly ever seen without my R2D2 keep me warm metal mug in my hand. Recently I’ve converted from coffee to herbal teas and to be fair I’m finding the benefit absolutely amazing!

And that’s when I found an email in my inbox from Tea Plus. It’s serendipity really, cosmic ordering on a scale of tea. Sorry I’ll stop with the tea puns sometime during this review! I’ve been drinking the Boost Tea plus drink for a week now and it definitely has put a spring in my steep step. This is one you’ve got to chai try at home! Not only is it tea, but it contains added extras – VITAMINS! Up to 50% of your daily recommended allowance to be precise!

Tea+ Drinks

You may or may not have spotted the company on Dragon’s Den a few years ago. They really wanted to bring healthy hot drinks into the public eye. In an age of highly caffeinated, work motivated people who spend hours behind a computer screen (I know I’m one of them!) a small change in what you consume can make a whole load of difference to the way you feel.

Owners John and Jade envisioned taking a green tea, and the best of herbal and fruit teas and adding vital vitamins to the mix. Now anyone who has drunk green tea can vouch for me here, it’s not the easiest thing to enjoy drinking. I really wanted to love it the first time I tried it because I’d read of the anti-oxidant effect of the tea. But no, it just wasn’t for me. I was always a strong coffee girl!

They spent 12 months experimenting with blends and flavours, and they created four varieties of teas that lift you when you need it the most. But better than that:

We’ve created t plus to shake up the world of hot drinks and make something more nutritious, better tasting and better doing than any existing ‘health tea’. We also donate £0.10 from the sale of every box of t plus to spread the power of vitamins with our amazing charity partner, Vitamin Angels and help #sharethehealth.

We’re on a mission to make the world of tea a little smarter, one teabag at a time.

Trying the Tea

nice tasting vitamin teas

I have to say even the boxes the tea are packaged in cheer me up! They’re colourful, fun and come in recycled boxes. I’ve never been a big fan of green tea although I do love a good fruity tea! The boxes were so much fun I couldn’t wait to get cracking on the actual tea itself. Now we chose the Boost one, as both my daughter and I have been feeling under the weather recently. We needed a cup of something amazing to perk us up.

This tea is flavoured with raspberry and pomegranate. With some fruit teas you have to leave them to steep for AGES before you can taste anything that resembles a fruit in the hot water. Now, this one you can smell the fruitiness as soon as you take it out of the sachet. It smells delicious, and steeps quickly which is a plus when you’re in need of a cuppa!

Also with some fruit teas you have to add some sort of sweetener. Well I do because some of them taste a bit sharp or bland. This one doesn’t require sweetener whatsoever. It’s just the right flavour to enjoy. You can definitely taste the fruit and you can tell which fruit it is which is a huge plus. My daughter and I both agree that within a few days of switching over from coffee to this tea we both had an added zing. So it definitely does what it says on the pack!

I was really surprised to be honest, I wasn’t expecting something as simple as swapping my hot drink to have such a positive effect.


We were also sent out the Multea pack to try, and whilst Boost has been my favourite my daughter prefers this one! If you want a tea to give you that instant ‘hello I’m up’ in the morning. This is your guy. Maybe I should rephrase that last sentence.

It’s a blend of spearmint, rosemary and cardamom and is just super tasty. This one is more of a morning tea though, to shake off the sleep cobwebs and get yourself presentable to the world. With the added benefits of vitamins, and tasty deliciousness.

Round up
vitamin teas to drink on detox

Definitely MY cup of tea

I really went into this review with an open mind, I’m a hardened black coffee drinker. I don’t like green tea. Or I didn’t. I have to say I’m a bit flabbergasted that the tea has had an effect on me so quickly. I feel the benefit of drinking it now. More energy, better skin, and I think I may have to order more online this week. It may be my new favourite thing, and I’m very hard to impress!

So having read that, yes, I would definitely say if you’re looking for a bit of a pick me up, then buy the Boost tea. It’s all kinds of special. It actually makes me feel a little like wonder woman on her day off.

Boxes of tea plus cost £3.69 for 15 tea bags. You can order online HERE.

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I would like to thank T+ Drinks for the chance to work with your company, and thank you for the tea! 

If you, or your company would like to work with me please contact me through my work with me page! Can’t wait to hear from you.


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