Sienna Skye : The boutique that makes my heart happy

Sienna Skye : The boutique that makes my heart happy

Sienna Skye boutique in Caernarfon is one of my favourite places on earth. People who know me will frown at this point, because they know I’m also at home on top of a mountain.

I’ll tell you why…I’ve always had a thing for clothes. But getting clothes to fit has always been a bit of an issue. I’m only five foot two, and I’m a size 16/18. I don’t do mainstream clothes. Although jeans, Cons and a vest sometimes cut the mustard. I buy clothes which make me feel glorious. Yes, I’m quirky – but I spent too long hiding my light behind a bushel to buy clothes everyone else is wearing. I’ve been hiding my body since I was a teenager, and it’s only recently, I’ve began to come out of my shell.

So one year ago, a remarkable lady opened a boutique on my doorstep. Amanda Farrow is an inspiration to all women. Mother, business woman and all around amazing lady. I’m very proud to be able to share a little about the magic she creates here. It is thanks to her, that I now have a little of the confidence all women should have in dressing their bodies.

Sienna Skye from conception to Caernarfon!
Sienna Skye Boutique Caernarfon

Amanda Farrow from Sienna Skye

Welcome to my blog Amanda, and happy birthday to Sienna Skye. Tell me a little about why you set up shop in Caernarfon?

It was an odd time for us as a family. My partner was made redundant, and due to my disability, I couldn’t continue to model, teach dance and dance full time. I was commuting up and down to London as well as juggling being a mum, my son was my main priority. I just felt like I was juggling too many things. I freelanced in Wales, but as a non Welsh speaker it’s so hard to find a job. So we took a leap of faith as a family and opened the shop. I’ve always had a passion for fashion, and charity fundraising. Which the shop has been an absolute platform for. 

Tell me more about the charity work you do at Sienna Skye

Well, we lost our daughter Sienna Skye (the boutique is named for her) eight years ago now. She passed away in December 2011, she would have been nine in August. We found she had a brain tumour. Grief kills us, so I focus that loss into helping others. We have raised money for Alder Hey hospital, some local schools and the victims of domestic abuse in the year that we’ve been going, by hosting fashion shows. Some fun, some fizz and empowering each other to pull together for a good cause.

When Sienna was having her treatment, we raised over £24,000 for Alder Hey. I’d like to focus on Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor this year, it’s local to everyone and if we can do anything to help our local community – we will. If any smaller charity would like a fundraiser at ours, we’d love it – just get in touch! We also do private evenings and viewings in the shop especially for people with anxiety or disabilities who can’t easily visit when town is busy.

Gorgeous Clothes for every shape

Parisien collection at Sienna Skye – I LOVE

There is simply something for everyone at Sienna Skye. I’ve spent a fair bit of time (and my wages!) perusing the hangers. There’s something for this years wedding, and something special for just jeans days with the kids. From a size 6 to a size 22 you will find a quality here that is second to none, but also something that you can team up with other things, that will last the test of time, and make you feel like a goddess all at the same time! Amanda and mother Babs are always on hand with warm and friendly advice, and it just makes buying clothes that extra special experience that you wouldn’t get in the bigger shops in town.

sienna skye, clothing boutiques in north wales

Anyone can wear Sienna Skye!

Who can wear Sienna Skye style? Do you have a favourite item in there at the moment?

Anyone! I have so many favourite clothes in the shop at the moment. My favourites have to be the new Parision range. It’s a bit more expensive than our average £30-40 spend but it’s sold a lot in Cheshire, London and Paris boutiques. I like to think we are bringing a bit of glamour, culture and uniqueness to North Wales! Our motto is age and size have no limits at Sienna Skye Boutique. I’m 36, and Babs is 75 so we love to celebrate all ages and sizes.

I was a model, a dancer and travelled Europe so I’m inspired by Fashion around the globe. With my fluctuating size I think I’ve had great triumphs, and stresses dressing so I designed a monthly blog which is a huge help to all women and I hope I inspire them!

Who would you most like to dress Amanda?

I’d love to have met Audrey Hepburn and I also love Vivienne Westwood as a designer she’s so adventurous and bold and colourful, meeting her would be a dream come true. I also love vintage and a bit of old fashioned Hollywood glamour!

I’d actually love to dress my friend Lisa O’Hare, she’s a Broadway star and actress. I worked with her in my twenties when I was dancing. I love her look, she’s a blank canvas, and years ago I dressed her for a Diesel launch party in Europe. She hit the papers then and I’d love to do it again now because she’s a yummy mummy.

Boutique clothing in Caernardon North Wales

Clothing that make you feel like a goddess

Not just Caernarfon!

The whole world can buy from Sienna Skye, not just the lucky residents who live on the doorstep! Online shop is in its infancy and on the to do list for Amanda this year. But the Facebook Page has been proving popular with buyers around the UK.

How do people order Amanda?

We’ve been selling on Facebook and via our Instagram and we can accept payment via paypal – we post out! Our feedback and reviews have been just amazing and we like to think that we’re offering personal shopping experience online! You can ask for exactly what you’d like and we can buy certain items in certain colours and sizes to suit your needs.

I would like to thank Amanda for the opportunity to feature Sienna Skye here, and I hope to see you all in her fantastic clothing after reading this post. This place, definitely makes my heart sing!


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