Setting goals and me : Proper cosmic ordering?

Setting goals and me : Proper cosmic ordering?

August 31, 2018 1 By Shan Ellis Williams

Hello ardent reader! Straight off the bat I’m going to tell you that this is a goals setting post. The first one I read made me laugh my head off. Me? Set goals? I’m proper lucky if I get up out of bed in the morning and make it back into bed ALIVE and in one piece in the evening! But the more I read of these goals, the more they kind of make sense. I’ve always been the awkward one, I don’t even know if my audience on here is more than 8 people who happen to be related to me. But that is ME. I do believe in myself but I’m much braver ghost writing behind someone else’s nom de plum. So the fact that I’m even running my own blog and it seems to be doing its own thing is just mind blowing.

I started this place for me. No joke. For my sanity. For my children. So that if anything ever happens to me they can look back and see that they’re mum was both bonkers and a try hard (I think the elder two really appreciate that anyway). Never, ever in a million years did I expect to meet such people who would influence me, my work and how I look at life. Bloody hell I’m another year into my 40’s in a few weeks time. I have a natural right to act matriarchal, but I really appreciate that every person has something to teach you. And the people I’ve met since May be they online or in person have really made my productiveness, and want to succeed here, in the place I made a priority. Thanks guys for getting me writing again. So, thanks Beth, Nicole, Jay, I feel like I’m crawling out of the writers block hole I fell into.

So that’s why goals. And that’s why because eventually this place will be the place that I will have loved, nurtured and grown, will be something that will allow me to work from home. I’m crossing everything. It may take a year, three or more, but it’s a goal in itself.

August goals

Did I set any? Well not really. Because I really haven’t had an organised month. My finances have been bonkers, the kids have been bonkers, and can you see a recurring theme here? Life in general has been double dare, stars out of my ears fireworks of glory kind of bonkers. My Facebook page which is growing organically and slowly exceeded my 300 number. Of course I’d love some more, It’s amazing how uninteresting you think your life is, until you start writing about it and everyone is like…ooo how do you cope with that them? Sounds good!

I wanted to work a bit more on Twitter. The number in my head was maybe to reach 3,500 people. At this second in time I’m sitting on 3434 so I can’t grumble.

I don’t know what possessed my Instagram – I went from 450 followers to over 800 this month. I think I may have promoted something by mistake, but I’m still trying to figure that one out. I don’t take really amazing photos, they’re all on my iPhone as I can’t afford a DSLR as much as I drool over them…

Domain Authority went from 15 to 21. This one is an achievement. Now I’m sitting back and waiting for all these brands to knock on my blogging door (does that sound rude?) and beg me to work for them. Er…not that that’s ever going to happen, but the door for working and earning has creaked slightly open. I just don’t know what to do with it.

I started a Pinterest! I haven’t got a bloody clue what to do with it apart from pin pictures of men with awesome beards and tattoos. Thank you muchly to Kate for spending time with me and making it happen.

September goals

Before I get into this let me tell you how much I LOVE this time of year. Nights are drawing in and it feels like I have more time to write. Well I do actually because the three kids start school on Tuesday. I’m not mad about that at all 😀 Am amazed that my little one is starting pre-school (or meithrin here) all mornings from Tuesday. Guess he’s not a baby any more 🙁

I bought a bullet journal to help me with this. I’m currently trying to coerce my other half to purchase me another bullet journal to work on my novel for National Novel Writing Month in November which I’m in the planning process for. 3,000 words a day and running a blog requires more organisation than winging it. Please join me if you’re taking part, my user name is shanelliswilliams.

Ok so

Facebook – 500 likes

Twitter – 3,750

Blog Followers – 50

DA – 23

Pinterest – just figure out how not to look at the bearded men…



Blogging goals and cosmic ordering?

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