Pet Hates a listicle!

Pet Hates a listicle!

October 9, 2018 4 By Shan Ellis Williams

I swore to myself if I ever started blogging, don’t do a list. But here I am, my ninth blog into Blogtober with a list! To keep in theme with my screamathon month it is a list of my pet hates, things that really get under my skin plus things I really dislike. There are a few when I sat down and actually thought about it. So here you go a list of my 20 pet hates:


1. Rudeness

2. Butterflies

3. swearing – have you got no vocabulary?

4. Body odour – there is no reason why you shouldn’t wash…

5. Judgement – everyone is trying, don’t judge them for it

6. Capitalism – if you don’t know what it is look it up

7. Laziness – I’m a busy person, but never too busy to help someone

8. Narrow mindedness

9. Lying – we’ve all told a few porkies, but malicious lying – no

10. Stealing

11. Donald Trump

12. Disrespect

13. ignorance

14. Selfishness

15. People passing homeless people without acknowledging them

16. Two faced people

16. Animal testing and vivesection

17. Plastic

18. Cruelty

19. Bullying

20. China ornaments (weird one but my nain had a collection of china clowns….enough said!)

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