Making time for you

Making time for you

Sometimes life throws these curveballs your way. You can either run after the ball, you can stay still and chase your tail, or walk away and find another ball.

Since having G two years ago, I’ve felt a little lost at sea. Being a mother again (albeit for the first time) means sacrifice. I was more than prepared for the sleepless nights, feeds at 2am, endless volcanic poo eruptions. I wasn’t prepared however, for losing my sense of self. We all do it, all parents, we work harder strive harder for more financial security. We end up losing ourselves somewhere amidst the day to day. Until one day we look and say, who am I again?

The last two years have been so busy. Balancing the needs of three children and a partner, but in the last year, we also bought a house that needs TLC. So every spare minute was spent painting, glossing, papering. Went to work with my skirt on inside out and generally forgot my own name. The hopes and dreams I had a few years ago vanished with the change.

So, here’s a story. Today I had a makeover…

Nine years ago, I had to cut my hair because I had treatment that made me lose it. An out it came in big lumps. Today, 14 inches later this hair is going to make a wig for someone undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

hair for wig

This hair will be loved, twiddled with, played with and adored. Mostly appreciated, because all I do with it is make a bun. I don’t braid it I don’t style it. It’s just there.

Friday for the last few weeks has been my ‘me’ day. The kids are at school and I get to mooch about the house and clean. If my arthritis is bad I get time to come to in the morning. This week, I wanted a change. I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic hairdresser who comes to me. She knows my hair. It’s awkward and thick, and grows sideways! We had a discussion before hand about ideas. But when she cut the braid we had a rethink.

I wanted something completely different, and cutting off 14 inches of hair, is shocking. She has also changed the colour and this will be a work in progress because I really want grey hair. But I did get purple streaks.

If anything these Fridays off have taught me the value of being myself for only one day a week. That doing something for me is actually OK. But me being me, I have to find a way to help another person whilst I’m having my me time! The value of once in a while reminding yourself of who you are, and who you have evolved into after three kids, is priceless.

Make that time. This is going to sound so cheesy, but, you’re worth it.

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