Making children that dance in the rain

Making children that dance in the rain

July 13, 2018 2 By Shan Ellis Williams

How do you build happy children? Is there a secret formula which you need to follow from day dot to ensure they don’t become sad and lethargic? Today, we danced in the rain. We ran to greet the fat burgeoning rain drops on the heath outside the house. Bare feet and bare bottomed toddlers, we kind of did a rain dance.

I taught them a song today. Once upon a time not that long ago, two little girls ran half-naked and wild along the same heath, and into the river singing the same song.  You may know it:

Ladysmith Black Mambazo anyone?

Music to dance to

Music really does make the heart sing but it also reacts in the brain sparking things you haven’t heard of in a while. Now I played these wild beans of mine this song when we cane into the house. I wonder if, in the years to come they will hear this song by happenstance, on the radio, or on the tv and they will think of this one afternoon in summer. The summer of their golden childhood?

Music always filled my life. I’ve always been a dancer/swayer/mosher. My middle son is the same. He’s a twitcher. Give him a few notes of a song he recognises and he’s off. Ellis is a very special lad and he’s extremely musical. He’s reticent however to do these hedonistic things I get up to with the youngest one, as he’s more reserved. This is a song he olds dear, as I taught him and his sister to Waltz to it when they were younger.

I apologise for the sound quality on this video, but it is almost nine years old! This is one of Ellis’ first memories, and I truly believe that the music is part of that. Well what do you think of my dance teaching skills? Good eh?

Music is always there

Ok, so I know that I’m Welsh and I was born with the music within me. It’s been such a huge part of my life. I’m the type of girl who carried fifty thousand CD’s in my car. Yes they may be on the floor and overflowing from the glove compartment, but songs bring me to life. I’m always singing! Even have an app on my phone called Sing! Karaoke which means I can belt them out. I can’t begin to explain how much this helps me with stress and my pain levels!

My daughter and I missed out on tickets for the Ariana Grande gig in Manchester. This is her song. Although it reminds her of a time when she had just moved from primary to secondary school and was having a bit of a hard time adjusting. My girl has a fantastic voice, and this is the only song she will belt out.

To be fair as she gets older, I have to now play things like this to get her to dance!


Which is fine by me, as I am Mrs Dave Grohl!

Let kids be kids

It’s all too soon these days that kids have to grow up. It’s moments like today, with it’s soundtrack that I appreciate how lucky I am to make these memories with the children. Even though my personal pain today is through the roof bad, the eldest two will remember moments like these with a huge smile on their faces for years after I’ve disappeared.

As for the little ‘un, well we’ve got plenty more moments like this to come. Let them sing. Let them dance, and let them make memories!

This song is for the special guy who keeps me sane and insane all at the same time!


It’s Welsh (do not adjust your YouTube!). So, what’s the soundtrack to your summer? Let me know below!




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