October 6, 2018 2 By Shan Ellis Williams

A poem, I thought, let’s write a poem for Blogtober.  So here you are. Saturday’s are always my busiest days (in fact it’s the only day where I get to be a single parent again!), so I wrote a poem 😀



I found you
seeking solace in a stone face –
its tears marbled
you marvelled agog
whilst tracing the line of moss
etched like scars
on synderstone skin.

Cheeks, taught and bleached
passed over by summers oblivion
tumulted within thunderous downpours
enfolded by phoebe’s whispering.

Awed, you traced the line of sculpted lips
sought to find solace
some warmth in the idol of Lleu
the lady of the flowers had left
dimpled on fleshy thighs.

There you planted your seed,
willing its growth in hope and nurture,
a carnal ache for harvest

and quiet sighs.

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