Let’s all just wear Pyjamas!

Let’s all just wear Pyjamas!

January 19, 2019 11 By Shan Ellis Williams

Default in our house. When the working day is done, homework is completed, and dinner is eaten is to clamber into our Pyjamas. Really, there isn’t anything in the world like your favourite pair of chilling nightwear or loungewear. I can’t really fathom why anyone bothers wearing anything else to be fair. Mind you, they might look at me differently rocking up to the office in my Harry Potter I’m Sorted combo. Such is life!

With the both of us working full time, family time has become such a precious commodity. As we share a love of cuddling up especially at this time of year. We tend to light a fire, switch on a classic film (usually The Goonies if I have any say on the matter) and huddle under a throw en masse. Especially as recently I’ve been feeling exquisitely fragile.

The Kind people over at Pyjamas.com offered the kids and I brand new Pyjamas in exchange for a review, so this is what you have here. A Mam rants honest review! Brace yourselves, photos of pyjamas incoming!

Buying Pyjamas Online

I’ve got to say I’m a huge fan of online shopping! But it’s kind of hit or miss. The photo you see online could be completely deceiving and sometimes quality suffers for the price. So usually for PJ’s I buy them in person the old fashioned way, by trudging down to the shops.

As a family we all have preferences for the types of PJ’s we like. If it hasn’t got Spiderman or Peppa on it G (2) will not wear it. Ellis usually opts to skulk about in his underwear and robe, but secretly loves Fortnite but has struggled to find comfy nightwear in his size.

Cara (14) loves baggy and comfy chilling pyjamas, and I adore Harry Potter, or Disney ones. Just looking at the variety available on pyjamas.com made me clap my hands with glee because there was quite simply something for everyone there.

Looking at the price, and the range of sizes for kids and adults I was suitably impressed. But hold on, when you’re getting stuff online, and they’re reasonably priced, there is always that question of quality.


Now there have been instances when I’ve ordered online and there is a great big stonking patch of plasticy stuff on the front of Pyjama tops, and it frays after one or two. It’s a pet hate of mine, as you sometimes turn in bed in the night, and you’re physically having to peel yourself off your slightly tacky pyjama top. What a mare!

I’m so happy to report that it wasn’t an issue. The pattern is woven into the 100% cotton material of these Pyjamas. It’s soft cotton too, not the stuff that feels starchy and over-ironed when you put it on.

The Pj’s were delivered to me in TWO DAYS. Whish is an amazing turn around just after Christmas! I also did the mum thing of pulling at the seams and looking for stitching errors. There were none. I’ve since washed the PJ’s too, and I can report no fraying, shrinkage, splits, or anything that I would normally expect with ‘value’ priced pyjamas. I love the little cuff detail on the ankles of the boys’ PJ’s.

Floss like a boss boys Pyjamas www.pyjamas.com

Sizing and Comfort

G is really tall so I ordered 3/4 for him. Ellis is shorter and stocky so we plumped for 13/14. Cara wanted baggy so we went a size up, as did I. I was pleasantly surprised with the sizing. Usually when we spend less on an item of clothing there are certain issues with sizes being smaller too. But these were spot on. I’d say, don’t order a size up to be fair, the pj’s I got fit me, but run a bit large in the bottoms.

The website goes all the way from a size 6/8 to 22 ladies, and a 32 to 48 waist in men’s Pj’s. The kids were very impressed that they fit first time, especially Ellis as he is difficult to buy for unless he tries them on first. G’s legs are a bit of a nightmare, as they’re so long and I’ve recently had to buy trousers in age 5 for him, to keep his ankles warm. No such problems here.

Getting G to stop roaring like George in his new pj’s was another matter entirely.

The Verdict

Honestly, if you’re thinking about new PJ’s or simply want a PJ day in the next few weeks, you could do a LOT worse than heading over to Pyjamas.com. I’m really impressed with the range, the sizing, the quality and mostly the price.

As for the kids, I’m not allowed to wash Ellis’ Fortnite pyjamas because he’s living in them. And G has the final word, you know, because he’s almost three and my mini dictator:

We were gifted these pyjamas by www.pyjamas.com in return for an honest review.

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