Hair, friendship and charity work

Hair, friendship and charity work

July 26, 2018 4 By Shan Ellis Williams

Friendship  is one of those precious things that doesn’t come along very often. I’ve learnt the difference between friends and acquaintances in the last few years, and holding on to those people who want you there through thick and thin, laughter and tears, and anchor you to sanity when your life seems like a bad episode of Jeremy Kyle. I can count my real friends on one hand. But I know when the chips are down on either side we will be there for each other with a bottle of wine (or cider) a box of tissues and a book. You may have noticed my best friend and I pulling faces in the feature photograph. This is because we’re both going to lose all our hair on the 8th of August!


My history of hair
shaving hair for charity

Long hair, don’ care

Oh come on ladies (and gents!), everyone loves their hair? Don’t they? I admit to having a love hate relationship with mine. I loved having it long. Being able to hide behind luscious wavy locks. Well, imagine being in a situation where you lose your hair because you’re genuinely unwell. Anyone undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy will tell you in the bigger scheme of things, losing their hair is a sacrifice well made. I agree. The last time I cut mine very short was when I thought it was all going to fall out anyway because of invasive treatment.

I recently cut off 14 inches and have donated it especially for a special lady who is starting her second lot of treatment soon. Having luscious amounts of glossy locks makes you feel automatically better about yourself. It’s a symbol of someone’s femininity. The funny thing is I never had waves in my hair until after my treatment was complete. It was pin straight.

Hair has an effect on our psychology. I used to think I’d lose myself if I lost my rocker chick locks. But it turns out I’m far more comfortable with myself than I first thought. And thus an idea bloomed.

Friends with hair!

My beautiful friend Beth, who’s beautiful photography and words you can follow on Instagram here has been my friend since we were eleven. We get together every Wednesday to put the world to rights and during one of these conversations we were talking about undercuts. We remember the nineties though when the undercut was the in thing. She, being much braver than I am went ahead and did it! She has wild curly hair which I’m quite envious of. Well this week I mentioned to her I was thinking about shaving it all off and starting again.

Needless to say she was definitely up for it! I’m forever trying to raise money for both Cancer research and Macmillan which are both totally worthy causes. So we’ve set up a Fund raising page, and I’m awaiting my pack and T-shirt and set the date for the 8th of August. To say that I’m nervous about having a shaved head is a bit of an understatement. I’ve had a very short pixie cut before, but nothing this short. SCARY! And I’m so happy that Beth is doing it with me. We were both off living lives when I got poorly in 2010 and she came back into my life shortly before I absconded Wales for a better life in England. I can hand on heart say that this woman has been there for me every day since. I’m so happy she’ll be holding the shears!

Friends have been there for me when sometimes my own blood couldn’t.

Braving the shave

Going bald for charity


So the date is set, I will be videoing it in a live on Facebook, if you don’t follow my page yet you can find it here I’d be honoured if you said hello. We are hoping to raise around £200 for the Macmillan Cancer support charity. If you have any spare pennies, please consider donating as the money goes to providing critical care for people who need help during their treatment.

The Big C has touched all of our lives in many ways, I lost both grandmothers, my grandfather a beloved great aunt and uncle to it. Through the bond of friendship, we hope that we can make someone’s life just a little easier, whether they be fighting for their lives, or being made comfortable enough to say goodbye.

Thank you so much for reading this ramble.





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