G’s Big Adventure

G’s Big Adventure

September 5, 2018 4 By Shan Ellis Williams

Mam and dad,


At the grand old age of two and three quarters, I really,  really had my first big adventure on my own today and I need to tell you everything about what happened! I’m so excited! I have had such a lovely time at home with Ellis and Cara. We have been busy all summer, looking for fish in the river and jumping in muddy pubbles. We visited a lot of places I’ve never been before and ate loads of my favourite food – ice cream!

I didn’t like going shopping with mam last week for trousers that actually fit me. I thought my old ones did. She says that they’ve argued with my kankles whatever they are. Mam’s always saying that I’m a dandy long legs, and wonders where that came from. Anyway she dragged me around a shop for aaaaaaaaages, and we ended up with lots of new stuff. Does she actually know that I’m happiest in wellies and mud? Maybe we should have a word dad. I think she’s going slightly mad.


Then nain got in on the act and got my cousin to cut my hair on Monday. It was lovely seeing Nia because she’s  moved far, far away. And she gives me lovely cuggles. But really? Did I need to be that itchy? As much as I roll with all the biscuits, crisps and lovely delightful things you give me to eat when she’s cutting my hair, wow that stuff is itchy scratchy. I can’t understand why, my hair is always growing, there must be an easier way than to make yourself uncomfortable by cutting it short every few weeks. Mam shaved hers off dad can I do the same? Please?

When we got in the car yesterday morning I got so excited. Cara had told me we were going to school. I’ve had to kiss Cara and Ellis goodbye so many mornings because they were off somewhere. They call it school, and I miss them so much when they leave me at home. It’s not fair either because they seem to really enjoy it and come home full of stories. I want to tell mam and dad a story too please. I’m getting too big for the house now anyway.

So when dad put me in the car seat, and gave me my bag, I couldn’t stop saying school, school, school. I sang all the way down the hill.  My mind was racing. I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest, and that’s just the way mam drives me around! I love looking out of the window, looking for tractors and lorries, cows and sheep. This morning all the green of the mountain was lost as we whizzed down he road to school. I was going to school! YAY!

I have a very special bag with paw patrol on it and I saw you dad sneaking extra bits of fruit into it this morning. Suddenly it dawned on me you were not going to come with me. I’d be on my own. I help your hand dad through the gates, and over the yard. They were playing some weird music. I looked up at you, refusing to hold mam’s hand too, because that would just be silly. She doesn’t really need me to show her the way too does she dad?

And then we were there.

As the closed door opened, I saw colour. LOTS of colour. I heard voices, playing voices, happy singing, all the things I love doing in one room. I am so sorry, but once I saw the hallowed doors of SCHOOL I couldn’t resist it. I didn’t think goodbye was really the word fitting to say in front of the door where so much fun lay ahead. Where all my dreams are realised, and where new friends await. You always say I’m like a mini tornado, so saying goodbye didn’t really cross my mind.

I know I’ll see you later, and in your honour, in my colourful room of fun, I will sing, dance, paint and have fun. Because that’s how you’ve taught me to be. I do love you mam and dad. And I’m sure some days I will want to hug you for a long time before going to play. But this morning – I just want to do me, and have a great adventure of my own.

See ya at 11 <3






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