Favourite over 40’s skin essentials

Favourite over 40’s skin essentials

June 15, 2018 6 By Shan Ellis Williams

Skin – no one tells you how bonkers it gets when you turn forty. No one gave me a manual saying that post pregnancy skin would be like this alien beast I couldn’t tame and would have absolutely no ideas what to do with. Having always struggled with olive tones and odd combination skin I’m so glad to have found these products, and share them with you today. I could not live without them. I hope you try them out, they’re not just for older skins, but for any skin.

The Body Shop®

I’ve always been against animal cruelty. Even when I was younger and went through the experimental makeup phase in my teens I was mindful to buy products that were not tested on animals. Founded in 1976 by the late British environmental and human rights campaigner Dame Anita Roddick, The Body Shop® started life as a small outfit in Brighton selling just 25 products.

Customers were encouraged to recycle packaging and there was a real emphasis on natural ingredients that were ethically sourced and cruelty-free. Now the range consists of over 300 products and there are more than 2500 stores worldwide. This is when I fell in love with The Body Shop products, and what they stood for. I remember buying White Musk and Anais Anais in gallons on any trip up to Liverpool.

What I use

I don’t tend to mess a lot with makeup. It’s not that I don’t love it. It’s just that I don’t have time. I’m lucky if I can grab a banana before getting out the front door to work, let alone put on layers and layers of makeup. People will comment that I’m brave for not wearing makeup. And to be fair, I wish I was! Since I cut my hair I’ve been wanting to hide my face more often. It’s a confidence thing for me. And I want to feel good whatever I’m wearing. More than anything it’s got to be light, quick and comfortable. This is what I look like without makeup:

skin care for over 40

Plain faced me

You have to be more careful when you’re older about how much makeup you’re using. You can’t get away with as much as a fresh-faced twenty year old. I’m also quite envious that they have the time to get everything done these days. And girls now (even my daughter) know how to contour their faces and end up looking stunning.I just end up looking like this!

beauty and skincare for over 40s

A little goes a long way

All in One BB Cream

So, when my lovely The Body Shop at home representative told me about their BB cream, I could have danced with joy.

My skin is oddly combination. I’ve Arabic roots so my pores are large, and I’m prone to oily spots on my cheeks and jaw line, but my nose and eyes get dry. I know I’m odd. All in one BB cream covers my large pores, any zits I have and some of my wrinkles! IDEAL! I paid £9.99 for 25 mls. I wasn’t too sure when I opened it up because it comes out white. Having olive tints in my skin I was convinced it would be too English rose and pale for me. Historically I’ve struggled to get things to match to my skin because it’s deceptively dark.

It applies like a dream. It contains colour matching minerals, and adapts to your skin’s colouration so don’t worry if you look a bit white after sponging it in. Best thing is that it provides 12 hour moisturising. No SPF though which is disappointing. Personally it’s a winner for me. Five minute application, light, not sticky, allows my skin to breathe during a hot sweat (yes, yes too much information) and I don’t shine like I’m made of metal. Perfect. Had it on for the day today and my skin still looks great. See? I look almost human…

skin care after 40

I think I like this BB cream

Super Volume Mascara

This was one of the first ever mascaras I bought from The Body Shop. My lashes are blonde, and very long. This is just my added confidence to the outside world. Makes me feel fabulous, and at the end of the day that’s what you want from your makeup! Super Volume Mascara costs £10 and me and my see through blonde lashes wouldn’t leave home without it.

beauty products for skin in your 40's

Skin care for 40 plus

Seaweed Clay Mask

Once or twice a week I’ll put this on my face to refresh my skin. It feels just like baby skin after washing off. But it means that I’ve sat around with a glass of wine waiting for it to dry, and genuinely having ten minutes to myself. Can’t recommend this highly enough. Everyone needs a facial in their own home! Seaweed Clay Mask is amazing and costs £9. I follow it up with…

Vitamin E Moisture Cream

I use this every night. I’m almost out at the moment because G decided he was going to treat the carpet to a facial last week. It just makes my skin feel rejuvenated in the Morning. Glorious stuff. This little tub of love costs £13 but lasts for AGES when your baby doesn’t try to moisturise the carpet monster!

Your skin is your mask to the world, and to be fair it deserves a bit of TLC. What do you use regularly? Would love to hear your opinions!

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