Face Full of The Body Shop Products

Face Full of The Body Shop Products

September 20, 2018 21 By Shan Ellis Williams

Forty plus skin is weird! And it’s a different experience using makeup on skin that has seen a little a little (ok who am I kidding – a heck of a lot!) of wear and tear. As I’ve told you time and time again The Body Shop is my favourite ever brand, because they’re affordable and cruelty free. If you want to see other products I’ve tested before on my blog, just see this post, maybe THIS post and of course my collab post with the delectable Kate.

I’m passionate about the products, and I love how they make me feel. Most of you know I’ve been feeling a bit pants and underconfident since I cut off my hair, but I’m a beautiful woman, I wanted to find a seasonal look that would pop out my lips, my eyes and basically make my confidence sky high again. I mean, what woman of ANY age doesn’t want to feel absolutely gorgeous. And to be fair these products help us rock what we’ve got!

The look I’ve gone for here is heavier than I normally go. I’m quite natural, apart from buying shares in red lipstick and plumping mascara. BEWARE there are photos of me aux naturelle so those of a sensitive nature can leave now 😀

As an aside, if you fancy any of the products I use below let me know, contact me via email x

The Body Shop face full of makeup

Here goes nothing!

Welcome to my skin

prepping for The Body Shop

Are you ready for this?

I have pretty good skin to be fair. It’s combination, prone to breakouts, but since about 35 I’ve developed dry patches in random places like under my eyes. I have wrinkles. I quite like them but it does make coverage difficult especially when my cheeks are oily and have pores the size of the grand canyon thanks to my Arabic heritage. Really not sure if anyone else has noted a subtle thinning of the skin post 35. I have, but since I only usually use light foundation of BB cream it’s not really been difficult to handle. Heavier makeup and powder tends to sit in the wrinkles so I was a little worried that my new Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation would actually make me look older.

I primed with Drops of Light Serum. It’s light, and moisturises all dry parts of my skin a treat. You only need a few drops of the stuff and it brightens giving you a dewy base. I’ve never used this foundation before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve been wearing it almost five hours now, but it hasn’t budged. And it’s one of the lightest, most natural foundations I’ve ever worn. It went on quite smoothly, is creamy, the only downside I would say is it seems to dry out quickly on the skin, but oh my god – the coverage will give you a party base of dreams!

Prepare yourself!!

I look freaking scary


Once blended it covered a multitude of sins. My spots, my red cheeks and under eye bags, gone. Like magic! I didn’t feel like it needed any powder to seal it so I contoured a little bit with my shade adjusting drops. I think these alone warrant a post of their own soon, as it’s taking me ages to contour properly even with YouTube for guidance.

Down To Earth Eye Pallets

I’ve been coveting an eye pallet for AGES. And these are sustainable because when they’re basically pallets that come empty but then you can choose your own colour to pop in them. When you’ve used them all up you pop the casing out and replace! Amazeballs! I went for a pre packaged pallet in dusky plum. Kate – am I any good at swatching?

Swatches down to earth dusky plum 04

Don’t know if I’ve done this right

Really wanted to use all the colours, but get a smoky eye. I have to say the colours are beautiful and the third one in here is actually called Penrhyn Slate. Penrhyn is a place I love anyway so I’ve fallen in love 😀 The colours blend beautifully and to be fair they’re buildable so you can go as heavy as you like. I didn’t use much because I don’t think the black eye look is appealing, but even a little of the darker colours goes a long way.

The Body Shop down to earth PLUM pallette


I always flick line my eyes (again with age I’ve noticed this is considerably harder!) so I’m lazy and use the Skinny think felt eyeliner even though the 2 in 1 gel liner is one of my favourite products from the whole makeup range.  And then comes Lash Hero mascara in black, and Colour Crush red lipstick.

The finished result

I hope I look like I’m going to have a glass of wine at least. My honest review here is I’m pleasantly surprised. Four hours later my Makeup is still on and not running. I’ve not sealed it. And I’ve got wine on the go…so all is good in my world!

Well? Will I do?

All I know is that it’s made me feel wonderful. What are your opinions? Let me know and remember if you fancy anything I’ve talked about here, let me know!

A quick before and after for you!

The Body Shop full face makeup over 40


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