Does winter make you #SAD?

Does winter make you #SAD?

January 16, 2019 5 By Shan Ellis Williams

Hashtag SAD? That’s one way of getting your attention I suppose! Been wondering for a while now, if lack of vitamin D and sunshine is really ruining my otherwise happy time on this earth. Around October time I want to go and hibernate. And that’s exactly what has happened here the past few months. Have you noticed my absence ardent reader? Or have you joyfully embraced the knitted sweater wearing months of winter with a glee I have never felt, but truly wish I did!

SADness or SAD times?

Ok, I can go on and on with these SAD puns. But I won’t. The last three months have been bloody tough. I’m having to revamp my blog from a rheumatoid arthritis blog to a Fibro and ME blog. I’ll write another post about that shortly, but getting this far on the diagnostic ladder of ‘we aren’t sure which label to give you but we know you’re not ok’ has been mind-blowingly stressful.

I think the worst thing about it was seeing the lady from CAPITA and she suggested a diagnosis my doctors took a year and a half to get to. Anyway, that’s a whole other post! This year, more than any year previously I’ve found the inter blues debilitating.

It’s been mild and wet, and the kids don’t want to go out in the rain as they used to. My daughter is now approaching the age where she is either out with her friends or locked away in the cave room of hers upstairs. My eldest son has discovered bicycle riding with his friends and playing on the old Fortnite is far more entertaining that talking to his old mam. G is becoming daily, more independent, although he still loves his cuddles and maniacal five minutes.

Both Iolo and I have new and demanding jobs. He is training to be a lecturer, I am ears deep in social media and keeping all on an even keel, alongside pain management is akin to warding off the four horsemen of the apocalypse on the way to a rave in the Devonshire countryside. Impossible if you ask me. But days pass, and my guilt grows for not turning to the place I love the most. HERE.

Every year has its challenges, this one has been the year I’ve felt most SAD, and the SAD has had an effect on my life.

Keeping Winter happy

So, in my absence, I’ve been reading without commenting. I’ve written a little, mostly for Carly and Jen, but I’m hoping to write more and more, to get myself back in the swing of blogging regularly, so if you’re looking for a guest poster with a half decent DA, I’m your gal 😉

I’ve been reading and writing. My fifth novel is almost finished. I’ve been watching my kids grow up, tutoring them for this years exams. Cara has mock GCSE’s and Ellis has his SATS at the end of this year. I’m so proud of them both.

Mum is coming through the other end of her illness finally. We’ve seen some very dark days. And we are finally moving on with the house. As for this place, I’ve promised to continue developing, writing, nurturing, loving, and seeing it grow. And as the great words of house Stark echo through my mind (winter is coming for you heathens who don’t know what I’m on about) I have plans to overcome SAD that don’t include a six month sabbatical to Dubai.

SAD has just knocked me for six. Coupled with intense lethargy and the mum thing we do of just worrying about EVERYTHING, it’s been bloody hard!

Watch this space, exciting things are coming! And after all, if you can’t throw your best punch at this life, then keep it to yourself 😉

Thanks Cass, Kate and Beth for just being there this winter. Love you <3

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