Divination – can we accurately predict the future?

Divination – can we accurately predict the future?

October 11, 2018 0 By Shan Ellis Williams

Divination – the art of seeing or foretelling the future. Is it something that we can trust? Now I’ve mentioned before that I read the Tarot cards and I’m also pretty good at reading hands, so I know which side of the fence of this argument I stand. But it won’t ever stop me from asking questions. That’s what I’m like, and no apologies are made for being me. Telling the future has always intrigued me. Whilst asking questions, it was pretty clear-cut that most people thought that it was a load of hooey. No one can tell you what’s going to happen next.

That in itself makes me uncomfortable. Life sometimes isn’t random, and there is too much coincidence just to knock it off as ‘just coincidence’. If reading people’s cards has taught me anything, it’s that you can be so scarily accurate without the slightest idea of what’s occurring in another person’s life. Was the great Nostradamus a diviner? Is there any truth to the prophecies of Mother Shipton or Baba Vanga? I’ll leave that answer up to the reader!


Not a lesson in Hogwarts, rather a way of divining the future through supernatural means. Evidence suggests humans have been forecasting the future since the time of the druids, if not before. Oracles were revered in Greek Mythology (oracle of Delphi). Most cultures had some sort of wise man or woman who would guide them. Foretelling their futures, and guiding them to the will of their particular gods. Before the aide of tools, some of these oracles watched the boiling of water, cast bones, watched for nature’s changes to make predictions.

Divination is an ancient art. Even modern royalty keep a psychic on hand. No idea why, I guess paranoia also touches the untouchable in our society. The fact is divination is big business. We all want to know the future, what lies ahead. The problem then being, well what are you going to do about it?

Can our future be changed at all, or is it set in stone? Are we fated? Or, do we have the choice to change what’s going to happen to us?

Means of Divination

There are far too many means spread across the different cultures to mention in one blog post. The main tools used these days are crystals, tarot cards rune throws , palm reading and astrological chart. We also have the words of Oracles. Uri Geller would have you believe he can bend spoons. I don’t know I think he’s eaten too many green leafy vegetables. But, I do ask myself quite often, how these prophecies came back again and again. It could be interpretation, and that, we know is in the eye of the beholder!

I have around 17 decks of tarot cards and angel cards. Some I’ve collected myself because I loved the look and feel with them, and most predominantly given as gifts. The thing I find strange is that I can work very well with some of them whilst others, although beautiful don’t give me any messages whatsoever. Even though I’m quite happy to stare at the beautiful art work on them for hours and hours!

Tarot started out life quite simply as a French card game. They became tools used by divinators, and they were predominantly hand-made. The older decks are usually hand painted and just beautiful to look at. Based on playing cards you have the Major Arcana, face cards and suits. All cards have a meaning. But suits also have an underlying meaning. Pentacles for example, are predominantly money based answers.

I can only say what I see, or what the chosen cards give me. The reader gives you as little or as much information as they deem fit. I love looking at their faces when I’m reading, because I don’t really ask them what they wanted to know. It’s totally wonderful when they begin to open up and interact.


Most of the tools of divination are borne from mythology. Runes from the Norse bone throwing, but add to the mix the Norse alphabet and meanings. Lines on your hand from the Romany belief of your life being written in your hands. Prophecies are just given to those special people who dream them, or hear the voice of God or some higher power.

Examples are of course Galileo and Nostradamus. Nostradamus is the one who gets thrown about often, just because he wrote so much, which has been interpreted as being accurate over such a long period of time. There are so many details that do coincide with historical events. Other less famous oracles, you can read a listicle here, all deserve some recognition. Baba Vanga is my favourite!

Is it a case though of a broken clock is always right twice a day? Or something far more interesting we just don’t understand yet? That, is up to you!




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