BodyShop’s New Fresh Nude Beauty Balm : An honest review

BodyShop’s New Fresh Nude Beauty Balm : An honest review

January 30, 2019 0 By Shan Ellis Williams

I’ve waited months and months for this product, and was so very excited to test out the brand new Fresh Nude beauty balm from the Body Shop. I’ve been a long time fan of The Body Shop products, as I’ve been against vivisection and animal testing since I found out about it in my teens. I’m actually quite new to the makeup range and have been diligently experimenting with what suits me since I started my at home business in October.

As a mum of three, I get absolutely no time to put on a face full of makeup every day. It’s impossible. Even if you set your alarm at six, one rug monkey will have forgotten a packed lunch, will dirty their school uniform or spill breakfast all over themselves before it’s time to leave the house. So sitting there for half an hour plus doing my own face is out of the question. I started using the colour matching All in One BB cream around this time last year, just because my skin was giving me a headache.

All in One BB cream

My skin has gone from being my best friend, the glowy, smooth exterior, to being my worst nightmare. I think it happened after I gave birth to G. The life kind of drained out of it. Coupled with obvious hormonal changes that come with being over 40, but I wrote about that last week!

The All in one BB cream was, and still is makeup for people who can’t be bothered to wear makeup. Light coverage, smooths pores but no sun protection. I remember thinking it was way too light for me when I opened it up and put it on my face. That’s because it changes and matches to your shade when applied to the face. It was my favourite makeup, hence, my total excitement to try this Fresh Nude newbie. It’s the makeup that makes my life easier as a busy mum. So when this new product was announced I ringed the date and counted down the minutes to try it!

Fresh Nude Beauty Balm

The beauty balm differs from the Fresh nude in that it contains sun screen. SPF 30, which protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB damage. When you think about it your skin endures day after day of damage if you go out naked so to speak. Sun is the main ager of your skin. Annoyingly many completely cruelty free and vegan products don’t contain this vital little screen which can save you from a lifetime of damage. I thought this was a fab step forward.

The balm also comes in graduated shades. Now this worried me a little as I’m sure I’ve said before my skin as very yellow bordering on olive undertones which makes me difficult to match. Annoyingly there are only five shades, from 01 Fair to 05 Deep. Surely five shades can’t cover all the skin-tones in the world, can they? I love body shop but lack of colours for foundations and CC/BB creams is a bit of a running issue, sadly.

Let’s try the balm….

Before I go off on one about lack of shades, I forgot all about it when I received my delivery. Out these beauties poped. As a consultant (add yourself to my group on Facebook here!) I received mine for free after hitting my goals for December. YAY!

I received three shades, Fair, medium fair and medium. I tried the Fair which was miles too light, the medium fair and finally settled on medium. The consistency is fabulous. Smooth creamy and easy to apply with a beauty bud and a brush. It looks natural but the coverage is absolutely fantastic.

I get very red patches on my cheeks, and sometimes chin. Heck even my nose goes Rudolph-like, and alongside the post Christmas breakouts it’s feral! It’s thicker than the old All in one cream, but it hides a million sins! Never have I found a Vegan product that will protect me whilst I’m out, has a light lasting wear, without coming off on a white t-shirt, your kids faces, or anything. Once it’s on it’s on! It stays put for a whole 24 hours and provides great coverage even under powder. It smooths out pores, colour corrects, even coped with my sweaty days. The days when foundation turns my sweat the colour of anaemic sponge cake….

The Verdict

Have I told you I’m annoyed with the lack of shades? That really is the only downer. See I adore my job for the body shop but I am honest, and this is gets me down. I have friends who would love to try this, but their skin is so deliciously dark, there isn’t a shade for them. BOO.

I am impressed however with coverage, SPF factor 30 – that’s my holiday makeup sorted – its endurance, all day and then some if I hadn’t taken it off, and the smoothness of my skin. I’m going to leave it here with a solid nine out of ten and a before and after photo so you can make your own mind up!

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