5 of the scariest places I’ve visited

5 of the scariest places I’ve visited

October 12, 2018 2 By Shan Ellis Williams

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many places over my 41 years, and some of them have left a bit of a mark. When I visit a new area of the country the family and I enjoy looking for historical buildings. The places that I remember the most are definitely spiritually active. There is something there, things that gave us all the chills! So, here are the five scariest places that we have visited, and why!

5. West Raynham Air Base

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We lived on the Base in West Raynham, Norfolk, UK from 2011 to 2014. It is now known as The Kiptons. Hidden away from the network of villages in north West Norfolk, West Raynham air base was used a an active base for the RAF during World War Two. Behind the houses are a number of hangars which have been converted into business units.

As soon as we moved into our home down there, we knew we weren’t alone. As I’ve said I’m not sure if I believe that a place is haunted or in proper ghosts, but the place was alive in spirit. People who had left their imprints in there for one reason or another. Overall the feeling was a happy one. Families would have only lived there short-term anyway, and my son swears he used to play with a little boy of his age (then 6) in his room. It’s one of the scariest things you’ll do as a parent, ask yourself if your child’s imaginary friend is just that, or actually a spirit.

It was the industrial buildings that scared me. Not only would you see lights quite like torch lights moving around there long after sunset (it was not the security guard!) but you would hear men talking on the wind, and see dark figures moving in the buildings which were locked up. If I hadn’t experienced it with my own eyes I would have difficulty believing it.

The Most Haunted team visited on a Halloween live. I’m not sure if I really trust the Most Haunted team, but it’s worth watching if you have some spare time! Definitely one of the scariest places I’ve lived!

4. Blickling Hall


Blickling Hall is absolutely stunning. Without a shadow of a doubt it’s one of the most gorgeous historical buildings that we have ever visited as a family, and we would jump at the chance to go back and have a look at the house and magnificent gardens. But something isn’t right in Blickling. It has this uneasy feeling, and a sense of loss which saw it make the list of the scariest places I’ve ever visited.

I didn’t see the reported ghosts of Blickling. Rumour has it that the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn,  searches the grounds lamenting for her own family home. since she spent half her childhood in France I highly doubt this, but there is something very creepy about the rose garden, and I wouldn’t want to be there too long on my own at night!

What I felt here was an older man who was regretful and angry. Whether this was her father, the Lord Norfolk I don’t know but I doubt the family dynamic of fathers pushing their daughters to bed kings would be conducive to a happy home. His spirit pervades the whole house, making it feel quite oppressive in places. I’d love to explore again, we only visited once. But it’s one of the scariest places I’ve visited in daylight!

3. Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre

As the name suggests this old building in Gainsborough UK used to be a jail. We went with a group of ghost hunters to explore The Old Nick as part of a charity event, and I must say it’s definitely one of the scariest places I’ve ever been. Something horrible is downstairs in the old cells, it growled at me! Also people report being pushed and shoved here, hearing keys and footsteps and evil sounding laughter. Definitely gave me the chills!

2. Ruthin Gaol

Ruthin gaol haunted places

Totally creepy

This place used to be a prison. In fact it stopped being a prison in 1906, so why does it feel like half the inmates of Ruthin Gaol forgot to be transferred when the doors closed? I can’t even imagine the conditions that the inmates were kept under. Freezing, cramped, unsanitary, it was built in 1404 and was definitely not fit for purpose in the Victorian era. The feeling there is oppressive, and dark. Even in the daylight!

Most prisoners would have been housed here to await transportation to Australia. Women, children, and men all in together locked up for 23 hours per day. And I swear some of them stayed there. Uch!

1.The Ancient Ram Inn 

The ancient Ram inn Gloucestershire

All shook up

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood of Wootton-Under-Edge Gloucestershire, then do pop by the Ancient Ram inn. You won’t be disappointed, although the owner, John is pretty damn entertaining. This is reported to be the most haunted dwelling in the whole of the UK. Having been in there, and looked around then yes, I think there is definitely something there that I couldn’t explain. Not sure what, but the atmosphere is pretty thick.

We went around in the daylight and parts of the building had my hair standing on edge. It doesn’t help that the owner has placed many animal heads and weird ornaments around the house. Apparently the house caused his divorce and his family to split up, and I ask myself why would you stay? He said he couldn’t leave, and that was a bit sad really.

I would highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area. I couldn’t make out WHAT was going on there, and I was glad to be in the car heading home. Definitely wouldn’t want to be there with the lights off!


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5 of the scariest places I've visited

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5 of the scariest places I've visited

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