Blogtober – welcome to my spooky world :D

Blogtober – welcome to my spooky world :D

October 1, 2018 7 By Shan Ellis Williams

Woohoo it’s October! I absolutely love this time of year, and I’m going to be attempting Blogtober in an attempt to get warmed up for November which is national novel writing month. So I’ve planned meticulously my posts for this month. So the first day, I was meant to write this brilliant and hilarious introductory post (which you’re now reading!) but I ended up having to work a mammoth shift at work. G woke us up at 5:15 am and I didn’t get in until 8:30, so as much as I love writing content. I’m shattered! Good start eh?

I’ve planned some very special posts for October, and it’s based around my day to day life. I’m not concentrating on any blogging goals whatsoever this month, because this is all about enjoying the writing. Plus my goal hitting form is a bit pants thus far!

Piqued your interest? Well, this is the bit where I announce what I’m doing! Hold tight because I’m DEAD (quite literally after a long shift!) excited to tell you what’s going on this month!

A spooky series

I’ve always been a lover of everything a little bit strange, and spooky and different. I’ve never accepted things, and question absolutely everything. So there is a constant fight within me of logic versus spiritual. This month I have planned a variety of explorations from the history of Witchcraft, an exploration into the spirit world. Lots of interaction posts, because, ardent reader, I want to hear your opinions! I always loved the X files growing up. the same as Dana Scully, I was healthily sceptical, but I wanted to believe like Fox Mulder. I’ve been a practising pagan for many years and the period between Mabon and Samhain is always such a special time of harvest, growth and good fortune. The veil between the living and the dead is also thinner (apparently!) at this time of year than any other. I’m also throwing in a few reviews, a few recommendations and more than a few opinions – as usual!

So, if you’re looking for a great spooky book to read, or a new scary Netflix series to watch, you might find what you’re looking for in my Blogtober offerings!

I’m going to need your help with a few posts, so keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook page for polls, and questions! I’m looking to start conversations and get you thinking.

I really can’t wait to get interactive with you!

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