Fall fashion Favourites!

Fall fashion Favourites!

September 17, 2018 9 By Shan Ellis Williams

Oh my God I can’t begin to describe how excited I am for the coming of autumn and not just because Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING is EVERYWHERE! I have completely revamped my wardrobe and kept my summer clothes. Gone are my vests and denim shorts (although I have kept one pair out for use with tights and converse :S). And out my beloved autumn winter clothes come. I have missed scarves, patterned tights, my beloved boots. They’re like good friends I say goodbye to in April or May and don’t see again until after my birthday. I’m sounding dramatic but I don’t care. I love this time of year. Absolutely adore pulling on a chunky knit and wearing bright colours (my partner says I’m warding off evil spirits which I suppose is fair!). But my fashion sense is, I like to think unique.

I do more than my fair share of charity shopping. Well I have to when I have three kids from 14-2 who usually require new clothes. I come last usually, but thankfully there are more than a few charity shops in my home town to keep me happy. This isn’t  charity shop haul however. I may do one of these posts later on. BUT I’m super excited to collaborate with absolutely gorgeous ladies Zara Lou, and Cassie over at Gorgeous George’s Mama. Please head over and show these beauties some loving!

I love clothes though usually the brighter and the more comfy THE BETTER! So here are my three special items (coupled with some honorary items) for Autumn/Winter 2018!

My body is a temple

Well, not exactly. I’ve lost about two stone recently but I’m still a comfortable size 16. I’m five three, and usually a little pocket rocket. Plus I’m kinda bald at the moment which means earrings are everything. Can you tell I work out? I really don’t care that much as long as I’m healthy and conscious of what I’m eating.  I’m your average hour glass figure, so that means my waist is considerably smaller than my boobs and butt. But I do have thighs a horse would be jealous of.

So my first item is this gorgeous Yellow jumper from Primark. This jumper is already one of my favourite items ever!

Yellow Primark Autumn 2018 knit

Primark are amazing

They’ve been working on their sizing over at Primarni (I’m forever calling them Primarni). This jumper is lightweight knit. The medium fit me amazingly, it is oversized, but should fit a 14/16. It’s warm but not too warm for autumn, bright, and makes me happy!

I’ve teamed it with Primark skinny high waisted jeans which broke the bank at £9. They’re super soft, comfy, very stretchy and if you have a waist they hold you in in all the right places!

I’m defo having fun with this combo…

primark yellow knit autumn 2018

Primark loves me too

primark yellow oversized knit 2018 autumn

My daughter cracked me up

The Pinafore from heaven

Well, not from heaven, from New Look

pinafore autumn 2018 New Look

New Look 2017 forest green pinnie

Mine cost me £12 in last years sale but I’ve linked up a very similar one up there 😀 Mine is a 16, but with New look and their plus size range they actually stock up to a size 28 in larger stores which I think is marvellous! This one is lovely, dark green and so warm and comfy! I just wanted to go back to my youth in the nineties when I just couldn’t get anything to fit me and I felt I was too big! But now I’m getting my revenge and dressing like a teen again! Bahaha well sort of. Here is a photo of me looking quite moody in my decrepit house. Yes I know I need to get a better camera, but struggling wannabe famous bloggers have to make do and mend ok?

kate moss on acid

Trying to be fashionable and failing

I’ve teamed the pinnie up with a basic Primarni slash neck top (£3.50!) and tights from my favourite boutique Sienna Skye Boutique in Caernarfon who now do ONLINE ORDERING! HOW AMAZING IT THAT!

The Boots

Ok I truly believe that you don’t need that many clothes to have a happy wardrobe in any season. But autumn is the one and only time you can indulge in boots. I love this pair. They’re over the knee, and wide fitting which is VITAL for my calf and rheumy feet. Uncomfortable shoes in general can sod off when you’re running after a two year old constantly. These boots set me back £25 in the half price sale at Simply Be. These are always my go to boots, they’re the second pair I’ve owned because I could never get over the knee to fit before I found this without looking like my legs were squished into big sausages with a chord at the top of the boots. I do have some of these too but the stocking falls down all the time!

Simply be over the knee leather boot

My amazing, go with anything Simply Be boots

These are just the most comfortable boots in the world. I’m a size 4/5 depending on width and they fit my calf just perfectly. These are EE fitting with a wide calf. They do go up to a Super Curvy in most shoe which is ideal especially with zips on the side, to go over those autumn skinny jeans.

Now the next job for me is to sort out my scarf and hat collection, and maybe search for a new coat, and I’m ready! Bring on autumn 2018!

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