Tips For Bloggers : How I raised my Domain Authority from 1 to 21 in 8 weeks

Tips For Bloggers : How I raised my Domain Authority from 1 to 21 in 8 weeks

August 24, 2018 5 By Shan Ellis Williams


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This is a little how to guide, based on my experience, on how to get your DA (Domain Authority) rock and rolling in the first few weeks of blogging. I haven’t put together this post to blow my own trumpet, as I wasn’t really expecting to get to this stage for at least a year or so, but I want to help other bloggers out to get their blog fighting fit. There are other things I REALLY STRUGGLE WITH in the bigger scheme of all the social networking and time management thing. There is a video attached but for simplicity I’ve typed up the main points for you in this post. Your DA is only as important as you make it. The best thing you can do when you’re starting out is to work on your content. Produce good content you enjoy writing.

Quick disclaimer – I’m not an expert. I’m a busy mam of three who blogs. Happy? Let’s get cracking.

What’s a Domain Authority?

It’s one of the main factors that tell you where you rank with search engines such at Google. The higher the DA number then the higher you will rank in the search listings. It’s basically Googles’ way of telling you how likely it is to look at your corner of the interwebs if someone is searching a specific term. The easiest way of checking where you are is to download a MOZ bar into your Google Chrome. Once you register there it will give you a toolbar which has a number in it, this will be your DA. You can check out other people’s DA too. It’s a score of between 1 and 100. Only sites like the BBC and huge sites like Facebook and Twitter get the magic 100. Brilliant bloggers who have worked dead hard will have higher 40’s. Everyone starts at 1.

You might see another number too a PA, or Page Authority. This tells you the authority of the actual page you’re on. So your contact me page, or landing page. It will probably be slightly higher than your DA.

Why is Domain Authority important?

It’s not unless you want to try and make your blog your job eventually. Brands I’ve been told look at loads of things before saying yes to working with you, social networking numbers, followers, but mostly a DA over 25. I’ve been told some brands work with DA 20-25 but your chances of being paid, and paid fairly is reduced. It’s just the way of the world unfortunately.

You need to be looking at MOZ Trust too. The higher your score here, the more trustworthy and human your website is seen to be! Things affecting this will be what website you link internally to – check their DA score before linking. Data signals you’re giving off in your blog header (I’ll come to this in a mo!) and how old your domain name is and do you own it.

Improving your Domain Authority

There are a few REALLY easy things you can do to improve your DA really quickly!

  1. Make sure your domain name doesn’t expire any time soon
  2. Self-host with a reputable company – loading speed really effects your score!
  3. Register your blog with the search engines. No point shouting at them if they don’t know you exist. Click on the names of the search engines to do this from here. Google, Bing, those are the only two I’ve done to be fair.
  4. Link properly to a higher ranking page. Do not link sentences.
  5. Get social – talk to other bloggers, start building high quality backlinks. Grow together, comment on each others posts and be kind
  6. Get involved in a linky – there are loads of linky’s around. I fell in love with one over at A Moment With Franca. But you have to make time to read and comment on other people’s work and be genuine about it. I love this Linky, and the idea behind it is to help everyone grow.
  7. Interact on Social Networking sites – don’t just follow unfollow, that is not the way you grow interaction base. I have my own personal feelings about this stupid game, but I’ll leave that for another post!
  8. Guest post – little an often, and interact! If anyone of DA under 15 ish wants to guest post for me I’m happy to have you, because linking to a higher ranking page will piggyback your rank. Let other bloggers help you.



When I was growing up, this was a bad meat in a tin my mum tried to feed me on sandwiches. Now it’s far more important than you can imagine. We all get these odd comments followed by a link, but if they’re even lying there in your spam box waiting for deletion they will be actively dragging down your domain authority. Delete them and banish them forever from your blog. The breathe a sigh of relief. Repeat process daily.


Here is the video Live from my Facebook post the night before. I’m sorry I look like poop, end of the week tiredness but I hope this all makes sense! If it doesn’t just ASK! 😀

Happy Friday!