A home Spa day using The Body Shop products

A home Spa day using The Body Shop products

It’s been hot, sweaty and busy this week. I love the weather, but working in it at the moment is absolutely killing me! So, when I finished work yesterday and the youngest went to bed I decided that I was going to wash this week right out of my hair with a bit of a home pamper spa!


Luckily my friend works for The Body Shop at Home and had dropped off a veritable box of delights in the form of a borrow box. What you get in a borrow box is a feast of different products you probably haven’t tried before from the extensive Body Shop catalogue. I’ve mentioned previously,  any cosmetics I use have to be cruelty free. There were some lovely surprises in my box – enough to spa myself at home and give myself a well deserved treat!

How Do I have a home Spa then?

So, I poured myself a glass of red and had a look in the box. I found the Mineral and ginger warming massage mask. It’s a 100ml bottle and costs £11. You have to wash your face before applying to damp skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and leave it for five minutes. Face masks make me nervous because some that ‘ve tried make me feel really claustrophobic, especially if they go all hard around your nose and mouth. But that might just be me being weird.

Anyway, I applied it thinly over my damp face, and massaged it into my dull skin. It’s a bit of an assault on the senses this is. This smells just lush, and when you massage it into your temples, your skin tingles and warms ever so slightly in response to your fingers. It actually goes on very smoothly, and my skin was so thirsty I guess it drank it in!

The mask doesn’t set on your skin. It remains pliable and your skin just feels fresh and dewey when you apply. Get ready for a selfie…

The Verdict

It’s a day after treatment now and my skin still has a glow. The best thing about using this product is that it’s eradicated my dry patches. I have typical aging skin, it’s dry in some odd patches, under my eyes, on my jawline and just over my eyebrows. Everywhere else it’s very greasy. Most of the products I use have to be oil balancing, but then those products dry out the dry patches!

After using the Mineral and Ginger mask, my skin was balanced, and glowy. Excuse the no makeup selfie coming up now…

So I’m giving The Body Shop Mineral and Ginger warming massage clay mask a mam rants and reviews rating of 8/10.

Turning my shower into a very exclusive Spa
Body Shop at Home

Proper indulgent Spa!

Before stepping into the shower I exfoliated. Normally I use Frosted Berries or winter harvest body scrub for this. Tonight I had Mediterranean Sea Salt resurfacing body scrub. It’s part of the Body Shops Spa Of The World product line. They’re slightly more expensive than the range I usually go for. A 350ml jar of this would set you back £22.

It smells of warm summer days on holiday. We visited the Med last year and it’s the ready for going out in the evening after a long day in the sun and then a shower smell. Because I’m used to using other scrubs I did plaster my legs in this. MISTAKE. You really don’t need that much. It’s much thicker than my regular scrub, plus it contains a base essential oil. So, let of the rubbing and more of the massaging. A little really does go a long way which means your £22 will last if used sparingly.

Having rinsed it off beneath the shower, my skin felt supple and smooth. I actually felt like I’d given myself a massage. I might even have to invest in a jar of this myself – this could become a weekly thing!

This is what I’m catching whiffs of from my skin today almost 16 hours after I’ve used it. I’d give it a solid mam rants and reviews 9/10

Lets get cleaned off
Body Shop product review

don’t ask me to pronounce that love

My body wash of choice was the Tahitian Spa Tiare body wash. Close your eyes for a minute and think of Tahiti. Warm breezes and sweet flowers, warm sandy beaches. Open the bottle and that’s what you smell. Again this is a slightly more expensive product than the one I normally use at £8 for 250ml and this one is oil based. You can add it into your bath, or use it in the shower as I did.

It doesn’t lather a well as a cheaper one does, but feels slick, it needs working into your skin, but your skin feels fabulous when you rinse it off – and the smells! Oh my days who needs to spend a couple of grand on a holiday when you have this? I actually prefer my wash to this one though – again use sparingly, you don’t need a lot!

I’ll give this a solid 7/10.

The final bit of moisture
body shop at home review

My home Spa kit

I’ve been trying not to scratch all day because someone doused the kids in factor 50 last week and forgot to cover herself. I don’t normally have an issue with the sun but since my last steroid injection my skin has become more sensitive and I burnt to smithereens over the weekend. Which means by today I’m peeling.

My daughter rubbed the soothing Almond Milk And Honey restoring body butter into my back bless her. It’s £15 for 200ml and again a little goes a very long way! Smells divine, and has by this morning eased the soreness of my back a little!


Ok, so I felt like the Queen and smelt like Cleopatra after her asses milk bath by now, I think the important thing was how it made me feel last night. I felt refreshed. Like I’d had a proper pamper. I’d obviously taken an hour out to review but I was feeling so drained when I got home. Not so after using these products I was revitalised, recharged and back to being the Duracell bunny I usually am.

I will definitely be making this time for myself again, and I truly recommend these products to anyone. If you would like to see the lives I took last night whilst reviewing please click my FB page here!

Sioned is currently recruiting consultants for the Body Shop At Home, you can contact her here.

If you want to place an order please click here! You will save £10 on any order over £35 when you click the link! Enjoy!




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