Love Island : What’s the attracion?

Love Island : What’s the attracion?

June 28, 2018 5 By Shan Ellis Williams

Once more this year I find myself compelled to turn on my TV to ITV at 9pm every night for my nightly dose of reality TV show Love island. It’s not my usual kind of show. I’m far more comfortable watching an hour of Question Time (and getting really annoyed with the questions. Or tuning into anything science fiction. But, it’s like a compulsion on my behalf. I’m drawn to the couples, the inter relationships of beautiful people under a microbubble. Stuck together like lab rats for a whole month and a half with alcohol, biscuits and sex games.

This is the third season, but life for islanders can’t be easy. With the tragic passing of contestant Sophie Grandon from season 1, I wanted to take a deeper look at the psychology behind love island. Why we love it and why people are happy to throw themselves in at the deep end.

Why do we love reality TV

Big Brother, The Apprentice, to name just a few, we all love to say how much we absolutely HATE reality TV. But there’s always that bit of you, that human bit what wants to see who does what next. What someone said about someone else. Who got the sack. It’s human nature. We’re really nosy creatures aren’t we? But they all seem to be like a guilty pleasure. I tweeted a friend a few weeks ago that I’d rather scrape my eyes out than watch love island. And three weeks in after my daughter coerced me to watch – I’m hooked!

Each and every one of these shows is voyeuristic in nature. They make you feel like you’re part of the action. That you’re actually there screaming at an oily man in shorts not to dump the lovely shy girl he’s been coupled up with for three weeks for a snake.

The community in the house is a little extension of our world and somehow through the magic of the HDTV we make it part of our lives. I find myself saying things like…”that Adam thinks he’s something special”…as if I’m sitting there, 40, big boned and beautiful. Escapism at its best.

Why are we addicted to love island

it’s another pineapple!

The contestants

You’ve got to ne a special kind of exhibitionist for Love island. Knowing you’re going on there for weeks on end in the searing heat. You’re going to be semi naked most of the time. So no body issues. That in itself grates on me as all the contestants are just absolutely perfect. Many of them have been professional models before entering the house. Some of them are even quite intelligent. Alex is an A and E doctor, but you have an interesting cross section of the community in there.

So they have to be beautiful and they have to be single. Oh, and apparently a strong Instagram following to boot. But surely they must have some psychological testing before they join the cast. Being cooped up and coupled up with an alien partner within minutes of arriving is a blinking big life change, even if the biggest thing you’ve had to worry about in the past few months is the placement of your cleavage for your insta following?

See emotions are made bigger in that bubble. Tears may not be real. Can you expect in all earnestly to fall in love in a few days? And what effect does re-coupling have on people who had genuine emotions for someone who was leading them on. We all remember Amber and Kem from last year and her awful breakdown in front of the cameras in 2017.

We love to be in love

We all love a good romance. That feeling of being in love and watching people fall in love is awesome. I have it for Jack and Dani this year and I do hope it’s real. I love the respectful feel of this couple and they’re not gagging at the bit to have sex on live tv. They’re cute. Taking their time, and they only have eyes for each other. Or so it seems!

We get drawn in. Life looks so complicated on the island. Laura’s story this year is confusing me so much. She is a 29-year-old woman who cam to find her one true love. She chose to couple up with 20-year-old Wes based on pure physical attraction. Now I do believe that chemistry and biology has a huge part to play in attraction. But Wes has since decided to ditch her for younger model Meg. Or muggy Meg as the press is calling her.

Darling Laura, you don’t really go on reality TV to find your one true love, have sex with him one week after meeting him and then break your heart when he decides to go for the first girl t wink his way. It’s harsh, but again you question how real it is. Well I do anyway because I’m a cynic.

We all love an argument (uncomfortable as it may be!) as much as we love to see people falling for each other.

Life’s a Beach

How long is Adam going to stay single? Is Meg going to shed her slimy skin? Is Wes going to see right through her? You see these are questions I need answers to, and why I nave no problem in saying that Love Island is my guilty pleasure for Summer 2018.

why do people watch love island?

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