Celebrating one month of blogging, and setting new goals

Celebrating one month of blogging, and setting new goals

June 26, 2018 3 By Shan Ellis Williams

Where the heck did that month go? I feel like I’m saying that a lot recently. Time just absolutely slips away from you when you’re working and have a family. But it’s my blogging birthday. I am one month old today, and I would love to share with you some of my hopes and dreams for the next few months. So without much further ado, here goes!


I am so proud of my content thus far. And to be fair I think that’s the important bit. I started this blog because I felt my writing was stuck in a rut. You see I’m a dichotomy. I’m a creative writer by night, and a content writer by day. Much like Clark Kent and Superman, but female and slightly overweight…

I’ve written about everything from family days out, Post natal depression, to makeup and fashion. So my biggest goal for the coming months is just to keep writing! I’m feeling so enthused about the topics I’m writing about at the moment but I’d like to start writing more about Rheumatoid arthritis and trying to change my lifestyle around that. I’m pretty sure there are loads of people who are living their day to day in pain I could ask to collaborate with! I just need to find you guys!

I’m not thinking about making money from content just yet, as I’m happy to just build and become kooky but awesome. There are thousands of parent and mother bloggers out there but there is only one me. So if you’re retuning to read this, I’m so thankful I didn’t scare you off the first time around.

And 3,500 page views in my first month must mean the content speaks for itself- I hope! Otherwise I’m humbled! I'[ll just keep on blogging…

can I expect after blogging for a month

Family, is and always will be the most important thing ever


Ok, so I’ve been thinking about this one. I do have some collab posts out there, but I really would like to collaborate with more bloggers. I think this is a neat way of showing your appreciation, and that you do actually read other people’s work and support each other. I’ve found some absolutely lovely people on Twitter that I would love to work with in the future. I’m talking about you Kate, Ruth and a myriad of other sweet blogging people I’ve found on twitter. I chat too much. STAT.

Brand collaboration will definitely happen soon. I’m already collaborated with one and it’s quite recent but getting asked a bit too much for writing pieces for very low amounts of money. Is anyone else finding this? A few months ago I didn’t even know what a Domain Authority was. I thought a DA was. Honestly thought it stood for direct audience. Oopsies. It’s a score of how strongly Google directs people to your blog. Mine is 15 apparently. I’d like it to be at least 20 in the next month.


I’ve got loads of readers and viewers but very few people who follow my blog and comment organically. Is this something that comes in time? I don’t know but I have a guess that it works by interaction and talking to other bloggers who want to follow you and who you follow already. It’s no biggie, but I see other blogging peeps who have been going slightly longer talking about hitting 100 followers, and I’m like…oh…ok, maybe I should concentrate on this!

Not sure what I’m doing though so need help!

Get myself to a meet

I live in rural north wales and have a family, but I have it on good authority that very occasionally bloggers meet up and talk about their experiences! I think there might be a meeting of minds coming up quite soon so watch this space. Blogging is a gorgeous way to grow personally, but it can sometimes be quite isolating. It’s different to anything I’ve ever done before as I can work from home, in bed, sipping coffee, or in the garden whilst G is playing. Think the social aspect would do me good too.

I’ve learned a lot over this last month. I’ve also posted a lot but I hope that you enjoy the honesty and fresh approach I bring to blogging. If you would like me to write on any topic, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Blogging rocks

Remember these words whenever you’re feeling a bit down : You are enough <3

I’ll love you and leave you now, I’m pretty desperate for a cold shower after all the sun today!


Shan <3

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