The Story of us…

The Story of us…

June 16, 2018 9 By Shan Ellis Williams

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Mam had absolutely no idea what to get you for father’s day this year dad, so I had to team up with her to write this for you. See, mamw thinks she can write but I’m actually the brains behind the operation. I’m the mini miracle behind this story, and so, here it is the story of us. Just for you, because you’re the best dad in the whole wild world

Hello world
unconventional father day gift

Gruffydd Rhys a dad

My name is Gruffydd Rhys and I am two and a bit. And I want to tell the world about why I am super special. My mam and my dad met aaages ago when they were both in primary school. They used to stand opposite each other in the swimming queue when their schools teamed up for lessons. Dad used to try to count to ten in various languages with his head teacher. Mam used to try to zip up her parka (whatever the heck that is) to the top and pretend she didn’t exist. All these bits she’s told me on the nights when you’re working and she puts me to bed. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

When you were older, you sat next to each other in Chemistry classes. You were put next to mam because she was a bit of a swot and you misbehaved with the other boys in the back. They thought mam would sort you out. But you ended up distracting her and writing your names into the wooden science bench. You were friends mam said, and would go to the beach and the cinema together with a bunch of other people. Mam asked you out, but you were too into football to mess about with girls. She was heartbroken for at least two days, but your friendship grew and grew.

She’s talked to me about taid Groeslon, and the fact that he always ribbed her about pitching a tent in your garden because you were always together. And that he would absolutely love me. I wish I’d have met him he sounded awesome. I bet you’re a lot like him.

I’m sorry mam turned you down when you asked her out at 16, but she had dreams of being a doctor, and you know how she always remembers everything. I bet she was being pouty and childish. She’s good at sulking isn’t she dad? Anyway…


one plus one equals me!

Mam always calls me her surprise baby. My sister is 11 years older than me and my brother is 8 years older. Mam had been very ill a few years after Ellis was born and some doctors had said she wouldn’t be able to have children again. Like, ever dad. You’re both a bit like that aren’t you. If someone tells you, you can’t do something you show people wrong. I think that’s where I get my spirit from.

Mam said something about not seeing you for years and years and then you messaging something about a place called Sunspear. I’m not sure where that is dad, but it sounds awesome, can you take me when I’m a bit older? She was rambling about seeing you again and it feeling like she was 16 again and never been away from Wales and I stopped listening there.

On May bank holiday 2015 you walked in from work and your world turned upside down. I bet you went as white as a sheet didn’t you? Mam says she had to quadruple check because she thought she was going bonkers. A miracle had happened and I was on my way.

This is us
unconventional father's day gift

I’m here!

I wanted to say thank you dad. Things weren’t easy when I was growing in mam’s belly. Far from it. I didn’t get to meet my sister for six weeks after I was born, and you and mam were fighting hard to make sure I had my family around me. It couldn’t have been easy for you from being footloose and fancy free, to being a dad to three. But you really came through for us all. You were there for everyone, and made mam feel like a total rocking me carrying warrior. I’m dead proud of you for that.


Mam says she couldn’t have done it without you. I heard her cry once or twice, and I felt you holding her, and being there for you. It made me nice and calm. You nicknamed me bigfoot because I would stretch my legs and you would just see feet poking out everywhere!  I was born on the 6th of February 2016. And since then dad, we haven’t looked back. You named me after this dude who sings in some group you’re both obsessed with. I’m sure you’ll give me an education when I’m a bit older. I’m counting on it!

You counted all my fingers and my toes, took loads of pictures, held me when I cried, changed me when I’d puked all over mam, and myself, even replaced a nappy without gagging. Because I was yours. And you didn’t expect to have me in your life. Did you?

Life with you

all smiles

Dad, to be honest my world revolves around you. You make me smile, daily. You’ve pushed me in my pram places no other pram wielding dad has ever been. You’ve rocked me to sleep on nights where I’m feeling under the weather, and the first thing I want when I open my eyes after a brilliant night’s sleep is to see you. Well both of you but mainly you. Mam wants to send me back to bed. The sun’s up – I should be too!

me loves dad

Holding your hand through the last two years makes me feel so special. I try to walk in your footsteps – I love taking you to explore with me until I can’t explore any more. Love it when you look for creepy crawlies with me, and take more photos of me covered in ice cream than is necessary. It’s truly amazing it that you make time to read with me, even though you must be tired yourself. You’ve given me everything I could possibly wish for. This is what this post is about after all. I’m glad I stayed up late to write it for you.

I can’t wait to explore the next few years with you. You’re the man, and I want to be just like you. Lyff iw dad. I’m feeling a bit tired now. Mam won’t let me watch pootayo, so I’m going to grab my teddies Nionyn and Nanw and get ready to wake you up at 5am tomorrow morning. Can’t wait dad. See you soon,

Gruffydd Rhys



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