Reading goals – June 2018

Reading goals – June 2018

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book recommendations for June 2018

Reading has always been one of my passions. It’s an escapism which I find totally mindful. My house is full of books. All of my books are cherished, prized, worn and on full display. Their spines are wrinkled from hours of happy escapism. Mum makes me laugh reminding me I wasn’t one of these children who would escape the cot and paint on walls. I was one of those children who would jump out, find a book then curl up with my favourite teddy to read myself into peaceful slumber.

Since I had G two years ago my reading routine has gone completely out of the window. I either start a book, put it down and forget where I was and it sits there gathering dust making me feel guilty that I haven’t touched it again. This month it’s going to change, as I really want to get back into the swing of reading properly again. I made time to read The Outsider by Stephen King, and I will review that here next week. Making that time for myself last week, especially as I couldn’t sleep, has been helpful in finding my happy place!

Three books in a month should be ok, shouldn’t it?

Friend Request – Laura Marshal
Laura Marshal Friends request

June recommended reading

Scarily enough this is a book about Facebook. It was recommended to me on Facebook (wah!). I’ve been part of a reading club on there for a while, and their recommendations are usually spot on. They loved it. I’m always adding to my book collection and this was bought on Amazon for £3.99. I quite like psychological thrillers and have read Paula Hawkins Girl on the train recently which I couldn’t put down. This might be one of those books I’ll read in a few nights. I really like Laura Marshall’s back story. She’s a mum of two who took a leap of faith and wrote a novel. She actually tweeted me once too, when I had writers block at two am. I think she was going through the same. But that’s a crap claim to fame!

My friend warned me it’s not a book to read on your own at 2am after switching off Facebook – but that’s when I seem to get most of my reading done! The jist of the story is a woman gets a friend request from someone who died 25 years ago – and so it begins. Dead excited to get stuck in!

Caraval – Stephanie Garber


remember, its only a game…

I bought this book at work and have seen some glowing reviews for it. Ashamedly I’ve had it a few weeks and have read about ten pages only. It’s a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller and you can buy it by clicking this link here for Amazon for £5.99. It is a fantasy book about the unbreakable book of sisterhood. Was released last year,  but I really don’t know much about what Stephanie Garber has written previously.

The Witches, Salem a History – Stacy Schiff


This one is the one I’m probably looking forward to the most. I love history, and pagan history does it for me every time. I have to recommend Syd Moore if you enjoy reading witchy books, because I read both Drowning Pool and the Strange collection when I was pregnant with G. Recently I’ve found it far easier to read non-fiction because you can dip in and out. I found it in a bookshop in Betws y Coed (one of my faves!), and had to buy it because I’d read Cleopatra previously. Cleopatra bought the infamous Egyptian alive for me and it was one of those novels I read in a few nights. I googled reviews in the shop before buying and found one by Patricia Cornwell, one of my favourite authors. Done deal after that!

“Once again Stacy Schiff dazzles us. The Witches is a must read for anyone intrigued by this baffling and horrifying chapter from America’s Puritan past. What Schiff uncovers is mesmerizing and shocking. Her meticulous research and lyrical writing lay bare an injustice that we should never forget-lest we repeat it.”
— Patricia Cornwell, author of Depraved Heart

June reading

So, three books, one month. Wish me luck! Oh, I’ll just put a little disclaimer here, all the links to the books if you fancy them yourself are in this post. If you buy after clicking a small percentage of your clicks will be paid to me. I might buy a tin of beans at the end of the month with it! That’s the legal bit out-of-the-way.

Let’s get reading!


Shan <3

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