Review : Jollybaby Harness

Review : Jollybaby Harness

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G is a very independent child. He loves nothing more than exploring the world around him and touching everything, as a normal two and a half year old should! We realised that his need to be free of the beloved Joie pram (which has travelled far and wide and will be honestly reviewed later on) would not contain our wild bean for long. So a few months ago I went looking for ideas on how to let him run wild.

For me it’s always safety first. When the other two were smaller I found baby harnesses easy but both the older kids hated them. They were constraining, even though they loved nothing more than attempting to fly when I was trying t hold them. So for G I wanted something fun, comfortable, yet practical. What I found was the Jolly Baby Harness.

I decided on the Lion and of course Amazon was the cheapest at £10.99. I wanted him to grow attached and view it as a toy rather than a boring old safety device. It was delivered the very next day – and the colourful toddler friendly design made him fall in love with it instantly.


All the straps are adjustable, and made from Nylon, there are two cross body safety straps which G models for you here:

He has nicknamed his harness Llywellyn (Llew for short which means lion in welsh). They are cushioned around his shoulders and back, don’t leave any marks and he has had extended wear from wearing the backpack. G wears his as a backpack, it’s a basic stuffed animal with plush filling, but the outer covering is soft, and breathable.

Straps are held in place by plastic clips, which are strong and don’t interfere with the two and a half year old wanting to explore and meet the world, but give you the reassurance as a parent that he can’t break free and take off at a thousand miles per hour.


G has worn this extensively during the past few months. This means he’s spilt everything he’s eaten on it on days out, fruit shoot, ice cream you name it. He’s also filled it with sand and rolled over on grass with it. It’s machine washable at cold temperatures, and dabs clean with a baby wipe or whatever you have handy. Llew looks no worse for wear after he’s had it on a while.

Is it worth it?

Hell yes. G is faster than I am, much faster. The peace of mind wearing the harness gives me is well worth the tenner I paid for it. He doesn’t want to go out without his mate now. We actually say that Llew is going for a walk and he gets all excited because he knows he is about to set off on a great adventure into the wild world. It gives him a sense of independence too. He can wear his friend as a backpack without the harness as it’s removable so he’s free to go on a swing and slide and run about in a contained park without having a tail. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a toddler who is fed up of sitting in a chair wants a fun alternative to boring harnesses. As for G I think the smile on his face in this photo say it all:

If you would like to buy your own Llew the Jolly Baby lion harness is available on Amazon for £10.99. I’m hoping to review these product on a YouTube channel in the following months (haven’t quite built up the confidence yet!)

Click here to purchase and thank you so much for reading!




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