10 things that made the Nineties awesome

10 things that made the Nineties awesome

I’m feeling rather nostalgic tonight. My daughter asked me earlier if I remembered the eighties, because I’m a fan of some of the eighties bands. But we started to talk about growing up, and being a teenager in the nineties. I kind of just flooded over me. It was a truly dreadful and a bloody fabulous time all rolled into one! Being a teenager in general could probably fit quite neatly into that category too!

Once I’d started to talk about it – I couldn’t stop! I really had to list these things for you tonight. If you, like me get slightly fuzzy remembering the good old days, let me know down below in the comments!

Nineties hair

The Rachel was the most coveted hairstyle on the planet back in the nineties.  Really don’t know if it was a time for experimental hairdressing but it seems hair was blunt, brash and bonkers. Around 1993 I cut off a ton of long hair to have a bowl cut. Later that decade I sported dreads AND a Rachel from Friends cut. In my class at school we had everything from the Kelly McGillis spiral perm aka Top Gun to the boy band hair. It was so bad, it was good.

For the ladies it was go big or go home. Big earrings and huge personality hair. Back comb the hell out of that hair, get that volume and magic happened!

hairstyles of the nineties

big spiral perms and huge earrings set the nineties tone

For the boys it had to be the sulky curtains at the front look. My partner sported this for a VERY long time before he grew it out…

Front curtains were just a thing

Patterned Doc Martens

patterend DM’s were a must for any nineties girl

I had a tartan pair and a pair with daisies on them. I also had a green plaid pair of shoes for school. Always loved Doc Martens a trip to Liverpool, meant a visit to Schuh, where I would happily spend all the wages I’d accumulated working my two jobs, at New Look and a local café on boots, shoes and sandals. I never, ever fancied the ones with the huge wedge soul. The thing I miss most about these shoes now is that a pair used to cost £60. Now you’re looking at well over £100. I think I need to go and rummage in my mothers attic to see if my old ones are still up there somewhere!

Heather Shimmer V’s Coffee Shimmer
Coffe shimmer v's heather shimmer

Rimmel lipsticks used to be brown and tiny!

You know I’m talking about lipstick don’t you? I have always had mahoosive lips so naturally I was a Rimmel coffee shimmer girl. Plus being a bit of a wannabe goth back in the day this dark glittery lipstick was ideal for me. My lipstick would be painstakingly applied before going out, then on the bus on the way to town, then after every, damn drink consumed. Coffee Shimmer for the win!

Crop tops and dungarees

Yes, honestly they were worn together, usually with aforementioned patterned DM’s AND a plaid shirt. The dungaree dress has made a bit of a comeback in recent years (I own two). I wish I could get away with this now!

New Kids on the Block or Bros?


Once upon a time, a long time ago five boys grew up together on the streets of New York. Was it NY? I’m not sure now. One things for sure girls passed out over them, made banners proclaiming their true love, and had their favourite boy. I had a secret thing for Danny. I think because no one else ever seemed to like him so I felt a bit sorry for him. But on the other side of the Atlantic you had three lads from London growling about how long it would take them to get famous. So was born Bros v’s NKOTB.

Long before the Oasis/Blur thing happened in the late nineties, there was always this kind of rivalry thing between blockheads (I think I made this up for proper hard core NKOTB fans) and Brosettes. I was more of a Guns ‘n Roses gal at this point but thinking about this made me giggle!

Impulse, So? and Charlie

You weren’t a teenager in the nineties if you didn’t have a stock of every single different fragrance of impulse, Charlie and Charlie red. Every single birthday after 11 was dominated with bottles and gift sets. Swaps would occur between best friends. By now I can’t even remember how they smelt. There was a particularly bad one called white musk, I just loved the red one! So? The little bottle shaped like an exclamation mark was carried in every teeny tiny handbag from Inverness to Brighton…

There was always a rave

Usually, in a field or an abandoned quarry. You’d be sitting in class minding your own business, day dreaming, and all of a sudden you’d have a note in your hand. So and so’s brother has just passed his test. He’s got a Fiesta. You can sit in the back. It starts at eight. Location TOP SECRET. Bring your whistle.

The less said about this the better!

Joe Bloggs and Global Hypercolour

I saved and saved and saved to get myself a Joe Bloggs top. It was a vomity mustard colour with jeans embroidered along the front. Joe Bloggs was the clothing to be seen in throughout the early nineties. I was desperate for one because I wanted to blend in.  And I’ve only just learned writing this blog tonight that the iconic Manchester based company went bust recently. Gutted! I wore that top to DEATH. With leggings, jeans, my dungarees and even to school once where I was promptly instructed by one exceedingly cruel teacher that I had to take it off or be expelled. Being a bit of a swot I did the former.

Another item we loved in the Nineties were Global Hypercolour t-shirts. I had the pink one which changed colour to white. Unfortunately my mother washed it on a high heat wash and I was left with a t-shirt which looked tie die, and what white only around the armpits. Never mind. For that one wear where it worked, I could put my hand print on it and amaze everyone with the remarkable colour changing technology.

The it T-shirt on the Nineties


I’ll also type Hooch and Reef here. Sitting in a field, and using your fake ID…

alcopos, 20/20

whatever happened to 20/20?



For me the music of the era just says it all. Manics, Suede, The Smiths, The Cure, Terrorvision, all takes me back to the hedonistic decade where all I wanted to do was escape this village and be free. I’ll leave you with a song that just makes me that little bit more fuzzy.




For me, the nineties were halcyon days, without responsibility. I mostly remember long days spent on the beach with friends. First kisses, first loves, heartbreaks, and learning so much about the person I was to become. I felt safe, and responsibility free. Thank you nineties, for being a time of exploration, experimentation and revolution. So much more I would have love to mention in this post like my X files addiction and complete Christian Slater crush. Maybe I’ll savour the moment and leave that for another post.




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